Restalia Defends The Commercial Relationship With Its Franchises

After the request of some Restalia franchises to investigate the commercial relationship with Heineken, the group that owns 100 Montaditos has wanted to defend its position in the face of recent news about the entity’s relationship with its suppliers.

Last Tuesday, the franchisees specifically demanded that Heineken also be investigated in the proceeding for alleged fraud, criminal organization, coercion and computer crimes against 29 companies linked to the Restalia Group. However, Restalia has communicated that “they categorically reject the information that has been leaked, presided over by the sole intention of harming the image of the brand.”

In the same way, they wanted to highlight that ” the entity’s commercial relations with both its franchisees and suppliers are fully in accordance with the law : there is absolutely no judicial pronouncement that makes any reproach on them”.

On the other hand, the brewery confirmed that it has a contract with Restalia to be an approved supplier, however, the company claims to be “outside the contractual relationship between Restalia and its franchisees”, so “it does not have access to any type of information regarding the conditions, rights or obligations that may exist between the two, for which the conditions agreed upon between them are absolutely unknown”.

In the original complaint, the plaintiffs allege that Restalia and those responsible for the companies hid information about the agreements with suppliers that made the project ” unfeasible “. Faced with this accusation, from Resatalia they assure that “to this day and after more than a year since the alleged complaint was filed, neither Restalia, nor any of its representatives or employees has been aware of the existence of the alleged procedure “.

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