Spanish Government App To Facilitate And Speed Up Public Procedures

The Government of Spain has extended an app called My Citizen Folder, as a pilot test, with which you can both check the status and carry out any public procedure with the administration in a more centralized, simple and fast way.

This initiative is part of the Public Administration Digitization Plan 2021-2025 , and consists of a website and a free mobile app available for iOS and Android . Anyone can access your profile, since to access you only need to use Cl@ve, electronic DNI, PIN key or Permanent key.

This app is part of a pilot program , which runs from September 14 to October 31 , and aims to collect comments and suggestions from users to improve aspects of it.

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As explained on their website, My Citizen Folder will allow you to receive notices, consult personal data, check the status of different procedures, appointments and open files with any public administration . With this, it is about ensuring that any management can be resolved without the need to move, only through the mobile.

In turn, the app has a folder with which the user can access a tab called “My data” where they can find information regarding their education and training, citizenship and residence, work and retirement, health, housing and his personal life and family.

It also has another tab in which all the open files that the citizen has with any administration, whether of the State or the Autonomous Communities, are collected. Another notable aspect of this app is that it has an alert notification system with which, when you enter your data, it will notify you of things such as that your ID is going to expire or if you have to go to pass the ITV.

My Citizen Folder offers the possibility of centralizing any procedure with the public administration , so it is better that you go yourself to check which aspects interest you. Remember that at the moment it is a test so it is quite likely that you will find faults or some aspect that could be improved, even so, it will surely help to speed up many processes that until now had to be done in person.

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