10 Highest Paid NBA Players In 2022

The NBA season kicked off on October 19 with many new features in the sports field. Two of them are focused on the season of Golden State Warriors, the recent champion, and the Los Angeles Lakers, a team with stars that continues to find a way to make a team. However, in the economic aspect almost everything remains the same, with LeBron James leading the salary ranking.

The Los Angeles star entered the select club of billionaire athletes , along with Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. All of this is, practically, his business from off the field, among which his production company SpringHill or Liverpool FC stand out, a club in which LeBron James has a 2% stake.

His latest business is pickleball, the fashionable sport in the United States , in which LeBron James has fully entered along with other colleagues, such as Kevin Love, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Draymond Green, of the Golden State Warriors.

With all this, the salary of LeBron James , 37, for this season in the Lakers is 44.5 million dollars, to which must be added the 80 million that he earns outside of the sport, which makes him a sum of $124.5 million, according to Forbes data .

Second on the list is Stephen Curry . At 34 years old, the Warriors base is going to pocket 48.1 million dollars for his NBA season, being the player who earns the most for his merits on the court. Outside of it, Curry has earned $47 million. In total, 95.1 million. Agreements like Under Armor generate 30 million annually. He has also made some forays into the world of cryptocurrencies, with the FTX exchange as the protagonist.

Kevin Durant closes the podium . At 34 years old, the Brooklyn Nets star will take home 43 million dollars this campaign on the court, while 45 million are off it. The total, 88 million. Of these, it is worth highlighting his agreement with Nike (in 2014 he signed an agreement of 30 million a year until 2024) and his participation in companies such as Dapper Labs, Coinbase, Robinhood or Acorns, although one of the most important was Postmates, acquired by Uber. two years ago, and in which he invested a million dollars and made a profit 15 times greater.

These are the 10 highest paid NBA players in 2022
1. LeBron James (37 years old) – 124.5 million

2. Stephen Curry (34 years old) – 95.1 million

3. Kevin Durant (34 years old) – 88 million

4. Giannis Antetokounmpo (27 years old) – 86.5 million

5. Russell Westbrook (33 years old) – 82.1 million

6. Klay Thompson (32 years old) – 60.6 million

7. Damian Lillard (32 years old) – 60.5 million

8. James Harden (33 years old) – 53 million

9. Paul George (32 years old) – 51 million

10. Jimmy Butler (33 years old) – 49.7 million

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