Which Spanish industries pay the highest salaries?

Leading a career is a process that, as its own name indicates, is built over the years. But part of the success surely lies in becoming a good professional in those sectors that are most in demand and with better conditions .

And now, the million dollar question. Which are? The InfoJobs-Esade report on the State of the Labor Market gave some answers.

The report tracked among all the vacancies that were offered on the platform last year that united three characteristics: having a high amount of demand but few registered for vacancies in proportion, and higher salaries.

The jobs with the best average salaries
It should be noted that the data in the report included all the registered salary offers, from the most initial positions to the most expert, which means that the resulting average is not very high, but it is indicative of the differences.

To get an idea, the average salary in the IT sector in Spain was 31,898 euros per year, while in Retail Sales it was 16,193 . Almost double.

-Computer science: 31,898 euros per year

-Administration: 29,834 euros per year

-Engineering: 29,391 euros per year

-Real Estate and Construction: 30,040 euros per year

-Pharmacy Sector: 27,495 euros per year

-Finances: 27,091 euros per year

-Commercial and sales: 26,895 euros per year

-Legal: 26,313 euros per year

-Education: 25,696 euros per year

-Health and health: 25,012 euros per year

There is a sector that stands out from the rest due to its low level of competition: IT and telecommunications. Its best behavior in terms of registered for vacancies is also reflected when the positions offered are analyzed.

The impact of the pandemic and the consequent drop in the labor supply, therefore, has been felt in the IT and telecommunications area , but its level of competition remains at enviable levels.

Sectors such as Public Administration, Engineering, Real Estate, Pharmacy, Finance or Legal also appear. By the tail, however, Retail Sales, Customer Service or Tourism appear.

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