Why Employees of Twitter Spain Do Not Request the Annulment of the Dismissal

The wave of layoffs from Twitter has also reached Spain, where the platform had up to 26 workers in charge of monitoring and controlling the activity of this social network in our country. Despite the fact that the dismissals meet the requirements to be void, following Spanish regulations, none of the workers have fought for the reversal of this decision, because the conditions of their dismissal are not so bad (or so they consider).

It’s not even a month since the infamous email thousands of Twitter workers received, informing them (without warning) that their jobs for the company had ended right then and there.

And while the laws of the United States are more permissive with macro dismissals, there are other places in the world that defend workers’ rights more , as is the case in Spain. The Spanish Twitter staff was made up of about 26 people , and like many others, they received the dreaded email informing them that they had been fired.

Spanish regulations establish that any collective dismissal of more than 120 people in a quarter or more than 10% of the workforce must be articulated through an employment regulation file (ERE) . By not doing so, Twitter was failing to comply with the legal steps to follow in these cases, and as a consequence, the workers could request the annulment of the dismissal.

However, and to the surprise of the Comisiones Obreras and the UGT, according to The Huffington Post, no employee of the social network in our country has wanted to denounce this situation. To understand this, one must first take into account that the average salary of these workers was 100,000 euros per year, also according to the account of the head of Communications of the Federation of Communications and Culture of UGT, Diego Gallart, “we do not have delegates or legal representation on Twitter Spain”.

The minimum compensation by law is 20 days per year worked and a maximum of 12 monthly payments. These conditions are quite favorable for a workforce as young as it was, compared to having to wait for the entire ERE process, with assemblies, representatives and negotiation terms.

Added to all this, the experience gained working for one of the most recognized companies in the world, and carrying out tasks that are in high demand today, it is quite likely that employees are calm and confident in finding a new job. quickly.

As Gallart explains, if no one denounces the situation and everyone is pleased with the compensation, Spanish law allows Twitter to get away with impunity.

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